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January 22, 2011 / Claremont Art Events

Orozco Mural at Pomona College Dining Hall

There are two public murals by Mexican artists located on the Claremont College campuses. The Alfredo Ramos Martinez mural is in the center of the Scripps College campus and it really deserves its own post so I’m going to save the description for later. The Jose Clemente Orozco at Pomona College is getting special attention in the blog today because there’s an opening tonight at the Pomona College Art Museum (see post below) and they promise to also have some of Orozco’s preliminary sketches on exhibit. Orozco is one of the most significant Mexican mural artists of the 1920’s through the 1940’s, often mentioned in the same breath as his more popular contemporary Diego Rivera. And, get this, the mural itself is located in the Frary Dining Hall at Pomona College. Lucky undergrads. Of course, it’s not exactly a cheery image to dine under, as you can see from the photo. Pomona’s website describes the piece this way:

“For his first mural in the United States, Orozco chose the Greek myth of Prometheus as particularly suited for Pomona College. The god’s action of bringing fire and light to humanity is presented as a symbol of educational enlightenment. The colossal figure of Prometheus stretches across the space, surrounded by human figures reacting with fear and awe as they acknowledge his gift and sacrifice.”

The college dining halls are all open to the public. I think it’s about $7 for a lunch and the food is surprisingly good. Think hand-tossed salads and pork loin. It’s not just students eating there, but faculty and staff at the colleges so if you’re older than the usual undergrad, don’t be self-conscious about stopping by to see the art and enjoy a meal. See you there.


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