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January 22, 2011 / Claremont Art Events

Present Past Exhibition at Peggy Phelps Gallery through January 28, 2011

So I’m walking around the Honnold Mudd Library one day, looking for a book, call slip in hand, and I do a double take as I turn the corner. There, across from the shelves and squeezed between the windows, hang several Claes Oldenberg screw paintings. Ends up, scattered around the Claremont Colleges, we have a phenomenal collection of contemporary art from the Capital Group Foundation Collection that includes at least a hundred pieces of contemporary art from significant artists.

Claremont Graduate University has an exhibit up now of just a few of those pieces in one place, and the work of local artists who have been influenced by them. They already  had the opening reception, but the show runs a few more days. I cribbed this announcement from the CGU Art facebook page:

Claremont Graduate University Art – Peggy Phelps Gallery

251 E. 10th St.
Claremont, CA

Present Past
January 10th – 28th, 2011

For the exhibition, Present Past, the CGU Art Department invited a group of artists to exhibit an original artwork that is in dialog with a piece of their choosing from the Capital Group Collection. The artists are staff members working in the Claremont Consortium, including several who are also alumni of the CGU Art Department. All of these artists have studied and / or worked for years surrounded by this prestigious collection. This unique project challenged the artists to physically and conceptually connect their present discussion with an artwork from the past.

The participating artists are:

Chris Christion
Steve Comba
Kirk Delman
Pat Evans
Matt Loggins
William Ransom
Rachel Schmid
Danielle Segura


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