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March 14, 2011 / Claremont Art Events

Back from Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana

We went on a short vacation to New Orleans, and I’m home again and ready to start blogging about local art. But first, I’d like to give a little shout out to the St. Claude Arts District in NOLA that has been a source of support and inspiration for New Orleans artists since 2008. A performing artist I know once told me “New Orleans is the only place where I don’t feel weird.” It’s a place where everybody fits in. So you can imagine what that means to the art scene; lots of fun and no pretension.

If I were going to curate my fantasy New Orleans gallery exhibitions, out of context in Claremont, CA, I think I’d definitely have the works of Skylar Fein, Deborah Luster, Dan Tague, and Srdjan Loncar. Click their names to visit the links for these artists who are all associated with St. Claude Avenue in some way. And who knows, maybe I will help bring some of their work to Claremont. I’ll keep you posted.

Save the Coast by Dan Tague

Campfire with Log by Srdjan Loncar

E. C. P. P. F. 43 by Deborah Luster

Black Flag for the Gulf of Mexico by Skylar Fein

Trivia Question: When I tell people I worked as a volunteer at Prospect 1 in 2008, who is the first artist they ask me about?

Answer: Los Angeles artist Mark Bradford. Every single time. No matter which city I’m in. He made a giant ark, the size of a big house, on an empty lot in the Ninth Ward. The lot had a house on it before Hurricane Katrina.

See you there.


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