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March 26, 2011 / Claremont Art Events

Latino Rockabilly Festival at Pitzer College on March 26, 2011

The annual Latino Rockabilly Festival at Pitzer College is going on today. Right now. I’m heading over as soon as I’m done posting this. (I’ll be the one woefully underdressed. I’m going to hide behind some sunglasses and red lipstick, but the women at this event have style for miles.) This is the greatest low-brow art event in Claremont all year. You’ll see some jaw-dropping low-rider contemporary art that is uniquely Los Angeles in every way. Don’t wait to see it in a museum somewhere, someday. Come out right now. Plus, it’s worth a visit just for the carne asada tacos. See you there.

FREE Event, Open to Public

CAR EXHIBITION, VENDORS (Art, Apparel, Music, etc.), FOOD & MORE!!

10 am-5pm, Pitzer College on The Mounds, McConnell Apron, and Commencement Plaza


Don Juan y Los Blancos, Jonny Come Lately, Gamblers Mark, The Wiseguys, Omar & The Stringpoppers

The 4th Annual Latino Student Union Rockabilly Festival is a celebration of an aesthetic movement typically called “Kustom Kulture.” Kustom Kulture is a term encompassing artists who work with different mediums, including metal fabricators, tattooist, pinstrippers, photographers, filmmakers and performance artists. Kustom Kulture is often synonymous with “lowbrow art” and “pop surrealism.” Popular Kustom Kulture artists include, Von Dutch (Kenneth Howard), Ed Roth, and Robert Williams. Yet, the most pioneering Kustom Kulture artists were the metal fabricators who radically transformed classic American cars into rolling sculpture. It is little wonder that one of Tom Wolfe’s most memorable essays was devoted to these artists and appropriately titled, “The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby.” Today, Kustom Kulture is alive in many Latino barrios throughout the Southwest. With their fusion of Aztec-Catholic-Pachuco-Chicano-Greaser-Lowrider imagery and the styles and art of Ed Roth and Von Dutch; these artists are redefining Kustom Kulture in contemporary America. Come see barrio art and the artists on March 26th on “The Mounds” at Pitzer College.


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