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May 24, 2011 / Claremont Art Events

All you need to know about being an Artist in Residency

I promised you a summary of Adam Davis’ lecture last month on Artist in Residencies and now seems like an appropriate time to post the details as summer begins. Adam Davis is an art professor at Scripps College working in video, photography (see photo), and the written and spoken word (follow this link for more). Adam was kind enough to send these links to the best resources he knows for Artist in Residency opportunities:




Also, google these references:

Artists Communities: A Directory of Residencies that Offer time and Space for Creativity
by Alliance of Artists’ Communities and Robert MacNeil  (Apr 1, 2005)

We Love Artists: Artist in Residencies Around the World  (Jan 2009)

If you are considering a residency, Adam reminds you to consider the following questions:

What’s your goal? Are you mainly looking for a quiet place to work, are you looking to travel, meet other artists, conduct research?

Do you have any special considerations that would steer your decision to accept a residency? Transportation to and from the site for you AND your art? Dietary restrictions? Are you the type of person who can only live in the country or the city?

And don’t forget the basic considerations. Are there fees to apply? What are the facilities like? How long can you stay?

This is a meager summary, at best, of Adam’s lecture, but there was some interest on the blog and I hope this helps some of you on your way to a residency.

See you there.


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